Affordable Prices

We take pride in delivering our customers The best Quality of Pulse & Grains at competitive prices.

Vocal for local

All our products are directly purchased from frames and wholesale market in order to provide you fresh, safe and healthy products vocal for local model.

Superior quality

Catering all your needs, order from a wide range of Pulse & Grains thoroughly checked & hygienically packed your safety.

Wide Range

We are dedicated to consistently add new range of products on our platform to create a one stop solution for our customers.

Who we are

At Grainzo, We have the best purchasing sources that catches the best quality grains, pulses, rice, and dry fruits. We have a range of options in every category and every product in our inventory is cleaned so that our customers don't have to. We deliver the best quality products at the most affordable rates. We can assure you in terms of the delivery system that is customized. The on-time delivery with the best quality ensures no flaw in the entire business. With us, you will get the struggle of grocery shopping. The relaxing browsing experience through our online inventory ensures that you will get the discovery of the new products. You can do everything in the comfort of your home or office. You don't have to ever entertain getting stuck in the traffic jams, especially during this pandemic. To make your experience of shopping a better one, we have made the interface quite navigable.

What we do

We offer the range of groceries from high quality grains to the freshest dry fruits as per their seasons. The content of the grocery products we have been picked from the reputed manufacturing units. They are handpicked and have the quality assurance checks conducted on them. We store the products and list them on the inventory. In this way, we end up customising a channel for you. You can get plenty of packaged products. You can order them online with our portal.

We will get it delivered right at your footstep. We have a delivery system that proves to be a convenient and quick process. You can pay for the product you think of as cash, coupons, credit card, or other banking facilities. We have stores currently in Mumbai.


You can get the range of processes available at the most extensive online supermarket in mumbai who can give you the everyday needs. We offer the best quality groceries services and products. Our inventory lists Food Grains & Spices, Dry Fruits, Seeds, Mukhwas, Suhana Products. The positively maintained standards in our services make us the most recognized. The relaxing browsing and shopping experience you will get with us makes us the best. The transparency is maintained with the best quality guaranteed won't turn down your enthusiasm for shopping. So, place your order right now and get the high-end shopping experience.

Where do we operate

We are currently offering our services in Mumbai.

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