Shipping and Delivery

What are the delivery charges for my orders ?

Morning & Evening prefixed slot delivery - Available with our complete range of 20,000 products.

90 minute Express delivery - Available with our range of Grainzo essentials (about 1,500 products).

Specialty shops delivery - Picked up from your neighborhood stores & dropped to the delivery address

Charges for delivery are on the basis of order values for EACH of these delivery types, as follows: Note:

For Grainzo Star customers in all cities with order value Rs. 600/- or above,the delivery charge is Rs. 0 (free delivery).

If I order products worth more than Rs.1200 and choose to get it in part from express delivery & the rest is morning/evening slots, will I get charged?

If the order value of the individual bills after the order is split for express delivery & slot delivery is less than Rs.1200, you will get charged

For them separately. If both bills are below Rs.1200, you will pay delivery charges for both. If one of them is below Rs. 1200, you pay for that delivery & if both are above Rs. 1200, there is no delivery charge.

Please note that Specialty items are by default split as a different order & so if specialty items ordered is below Rs. 1200, you will be charged for the delivery else its free.

If I forgot some items & added them as a separate order but it is getting delivered to me in the same slot as the others, will I get charged separately?

In case the additional items order is scheduled in the same morning or evening slot as the one placed before, this is an add-on order with no additional delivery charge. It will have a separate bill but get delivered along with the previous order placed.

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